Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pink and White Dresser

I wish I had taken before pictures of all of my furniture.  This piece was brown before with not so pretty hardware on the top drawer. 

I took all of the hardware off, took the drawers out, and then primed everything white, and then painted it. I bought some new knobs at the hardware store, spray painted those white, and then put everything back together. I glazed over the paint with black stain, and then wiped it off. When I wiped the stain it took off some of the paint too, which I ended up just leaving because I like how it looked. Including the hardware, this cost me about $40.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Gun Cabinet Makeover

I found this old brown gun cabinet for $50 at a garage sale. 


  I first unhinged the glass door and decided that it would look better without it. I filled the holes where the hinges were with wood filler. I sanded the entire piece just to rough it up. I then primed the entire thing white and painted the outside blue, and the inside white. I distressed it with sandpaper and finished with polycrylic. And that's it!  My gun cabinet is now a blue and white bookshelf.


Scrapbook Covered Books

I found these old books for $1 each and covered them with scrapbook paper. I used modpodge to attach the paper to the books. I then glued all of the books together with a glue gun and wrapped a piece of twine around them to hold them together. I then added some decorative nails to the top and glued a drawer handle to bottom book. I used gorilla glue epoxy ( love this stuff!) to keep the handle on. I made a small flower out of lace to the top and that's it. This only took about 20 minutes and cost about $5 total!

Cabinet Door Chalkboard

This started out as an old door that I found at the Habitat for Humanity for $2. 
I took the hinges off and filled the holes with white wood filler. I taped off the inside of the door and painted around it pink and the inside with black chalboard paint. After letting it all dry I drilled 4 holes and added white knobs that I found for $1 each at Lowes. Super easy and great to hang backpacks, coats, jewelry, etc.

Coffee Table Transformation

This was an ugly brown coffee table that I found at a garage sale for only $10. Such a steal!
  There were a lot of knicks and grooves that needed some sanding. I then primed the entire thing with white spray paint primer (you can use any brand). I took the harware off and painted it black. I then painted the table and distressed it using a sanding block. Don't forget to seal it with Polycrylic. And I'm done! Took me about 5 hours to complete this project. Not bad for a brand new look!

Record Player redo

I found this at a thrift shop for $15. It was an old record player that no longer works. 
 I gutted it and turned it into an accent table. To paint it, I used Krylon white primer. After allowing an hour to dry, I painted the body white and the top black. I glazed it using a black stain and then sprayed a coat of poycrylic to protect the paint.
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