Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dresser and Bedroom Makeover

I found this old dresser on Craigslist for $30.  I've been dying to paint a chevron dresser, and this was the perfect style of dresser to test it out.  

 It was pretty banged up when I got it, so I added wood filler where needed.  I removed the hardware and sanded the entire thing down very lightly.

 I primed and painted the everything white.

 I measured the sides and centers to make sure everything was evenly aligned, and then I taped from point to point.  My stripes ended up being a little higher on the right side, but it was close enough.

I painted everything outside of my tape pink, leaving the inside white.

I glazed the entire thing with dark stain and added some polycrylic on top.  It was a little tedious, but really not as hard as I thought it would be.  It was super cheap and I had so much fun doing it!

After finishing this dresser, i was so excited to put it into my girls' room.  I've had a small dresser with broken drawers in their room for the past year and I was excited to get something new.  After putting the new dresser in their room I realized how bare the wall looked above it. So I went into my stash of frames and painted them a variety colors.  I made a chalkboard out of one frame, put chicken wire behind another, stenciled my daughters initials, and  put pictures in the rest. I cut out wood and stenciled letters to make signs.  I spray painted an old lamp base pink, and made a new lamp shade out of chicken wire.  

 When I was all finished, this is how it all turned out!

 I was worried about how all of the different colors would go together, but I ended up really liking the variety :)
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Black and Gray Striped Table

My friend sold me this table for a really good price, and I was super excited to fix it up.  I was also a little nervous about painting it since I've never done a kitchen table before.


I couldn't figure out what to do with it, so I went to Pinterest for inspiration, and found this adorable striped round table.  I just love the color of the stripes with the pop of turquoise.  She gives an awesome tutorial here on how she painted her table.

I was so excited to try it out!

The first thing I did was sand the entire surface with an electric sander. 

I then primed the entire thing with white Rustoleum primer spray paint.  Normally I use valspar primer, but since it's a table and it gets a little more wear, I thought the Rustoleum would hold up and have better coverage.  After priming I gave it a light sand again just to smooth it out a bit.

I painted the entire surface gray, and the base turquoise. After letting the paint dry for about 2 hours,  I  measured and marked every 6 inches.

I put masking tape down on my markings

I then painted 2 layers of black paint between my pieces of tape.

After taking the tape off, this is how it turned out!
I added 3 coat of polycrylic just to make sure it was well protected. ( Make sure to sand lightly between each coat)

I painted the chairs turquoise with gray seats.

This is the end result! I think I have a new obsession with stripes.  Thanks Pinterest for the great idea!


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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to Paint Furniture in 4 Easy Steps!

There are a ton of different techniques you can use to paint furniture.  I painted this gray and white dresser using just a few simple steps. 

I found this at a garage sale and it was pretty scuffed up, but looked like it had some potential.  I loved the fact that it was very solid wood. Let me tell you...this dresser was a piece of work! 

Here's what I did to fix it up a bit....

I first took out all of the drawers and sanded them lightly  with my electric sander, just enough to rough it up. You can also sand it by hand, but an electric sander speeds up the process. After sanding, take a rag and wipe down everything really well. Sometimes if there are pieces of dirt or old sticker residue, it can show up after you paint.  I chose to not prime this dresser because I'm going for a more distressed look.  Sometimes i do it, and sometimes I don't depending on what type of look I want for my furniture.

Now you're ready to paint! Apply a coat of paint onto the wood and let it dry for at least an hour. After the first coat dries, apply another. For these drawers I painted the front white with gray edges. I used a semi-gloss finish for both colors. You can actually buy paint samples at lowes for $3, which  I do all of the time when I'm trying out new colors. It allows me to test out a wide variety of paint for super cheap.

While waiting for my drawers to dry, I spray painted my hardware yellow.

 Now it's time to distress it! I love to use stain to distress my furniture, however there are so many other ways to distress as well. After letting your paint dry for at least an hour, you can add a layer of dark stain. I either use dark walnut or Ebony Black Miniwax stain. I would recommend buying the small sized stain so you try it to see if you like it. After applying the stain evenly over your surface, immediately take a wet rag or old t shirt and wipe as little or as much stain off as you would like.  In the process, some of your paint may come off, which will give a more shabby and distressed look. It's best to not let the stain sit for very long, or it will soak into the wood and will be harder to get off.  I also took a piece of sandpaper and roughed up a few of the edges.

 Now you'll want to allow everything to dry for at least 24 hours before applying a coat of polycrylic to protect your piece of furniture.

 This is how it turned out when I finished...or when I thought I was finished.   When I bought it, I knew I would be needing new tracks for 2 of the drawers, but what I didn't know was that nobody carries 15 inch tracks.  So after trying 3 different sizes I finally gave up and decided to get rid of the drawers make shelves instead.

I added a couple of baskets, and this was my end result! 



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