Friday, July 13, 2012

Rain Gutter Bookshelves

I got this cute idea from my mentor teacher when I student taught third grade several years back. I loved it, and decided to do the same thing in my son's room.

For materials, you will need 6 washers and 6 screws.

You also need 6 end caps and rain gutters (can purchase at any Home Depot or Lowes). 
When you purchase your rain gutters, they only come in large pieces. You will need to cut them using a hacksaw or backsaw to your desired length.  Mine are 34 inches long.

Decide generally where you want to put your first shelf.  You will need a studfinder to find a good place to put your screw. 

Once you find your stud, mark it and screw in one side of your rain gutter to the wall.  Use a level to make sure it's straight and fasten the other side to the wall.  Repeat the process for the other shelves and add end caps to each side. 

Such a cheap and easy way to display your books!

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  1. I love these and seem to see them all over pinterest. What was the final cost for the three rain gutter shelves? I'm curious as I'm comparing these to the DIY Ikea spice rack shelves. Love your inspiration!


  2. Great idea, Amy. I’ve also made my own bookshelves out of rain gutters. But what I liked the most is when I used them as a shoe rack. It worked out pretty well, and my family loves it! Now we don’t see shoes and boots scattered around the floor – they’re all in the shoe rack!

    *Rodney Orton

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  5. This is a really crafty and economical idea to turn rain gutters into bookshelves. This is what I did for my little Niah's room too, though we used our old rain gutter. Recycling is fun especially when you can come up with something as creative and beautiful as this. Thank you for spreading this great idea! Ashlee Starns


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